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Video of woman confronting property manager & threatening to shoot sparks debate

The lady is seen engaging the property manager in a heated argument, hurling insults at him and threatening to shoot him.

File image of a section of Nairobi City

A video of a tenant threatening to shoot a property manager during an altercation in which she hurled insults at the property manager has gone viral on social media, sparking debate.

The lady is seen engaging the property manager in a heated argument, hurling insults at him and threatening to shoot him.

All the while, the property manager attempts to prevail upon her to calm down as the lady’s children watch.

At some point, the woman even notes that were it not for the presence of her children, things would have taken a different turn.


Hurling unprintable words, the woman even threatens the property manager noting that he does not know who he is messing with.

"Do you know who I am, let me tell you, you don't know who you are messing with. Put cameras that work," the lady stated.

“Bring my gun” The is heard saying before dashing into the house presumed to be her residence.

Second altercation

A second video of the same lady in an altercation with the property manager at a different section of the building that appears to be the parking lot.


The incident captured in the second footage happened in the full glare of uniformed police officers.

With insults flying from her lips, the woman threatens to attack the property manager.

She could also be heard alleging that she had a gun and was well-trained and things could turn around really fast.

Confronting the person recording


Her attention is then drawn to someone who was recording the whole drama on camera.

She makes her way to the person recording.

In both videos, the altercation happened in front of her children.

Netizens weighed in on the events with many noting that the woman was setting a bad example for her children who witnessed the two incidences.


A section noted that the lady could have handled the situation in a better way without hurling insults and threatening to shoot the manager.

Others called on the relevant authorities to follow up on her claims of having a gun and intervene as the threats issued in the video may one day come true to the property manager or someone else.


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