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Kenyan nanny startles netizens with video working alongside employer's pet snake

It's harmless! Kenyan nanny in Saudi Arabia surprises netizens with video working alongside employer's pet snake in the kitchen

A snake

A Kenyan woman identified as @ngiro023 recently caused a stir on social media after sharing a video showcasing her employer's pet snake.

Working as a nanny in Saudi Arabia, @ngiro023 provided netizens with a glimpse into her unusual work environment.

In the video, the large snake can be seen slithering around the kitchen appliances as @ngiro023's employer casually washes dishes nearby. This unexpected sight left many viewers both shocked and intrigued.


As the video circulated online, viewers expressed various concerns and speculations regarding the presence of the snake in the household.

Some questioned whether @ngiro023 was comfortable working close to the snake, while others wondered if such an arrangement was mentioned in her employment contract.

However, a segment of the audience defended the presence of the snake, emphasizing that not all snake species pose a threat to humans.

They reassured that pet snakes, like the one in the video, are typically harmless and can even sense whether a person is good or bad.


Amidst the discussion, questions arose about the potential danger posed by pythons, particularly to humans.

While most pythons are not inherently dangerous, there are exceptions, such as the Burmese Python, like the one above, known for its large size and powerful constriction.

One of the primary risks associated with python bites is the potential to sever veins or arteries due to the snake's sharp teeth. Although unlikely, such injuries can occur, especially during handling.

Additionally, bites can lead to infections if bacteria from the snake's mouth enter the bloodstream through the skin.


Despite these risks, fatalities from python bites are rare, and injuries are more common than death. Nevertheless, caution is advised when handling or interacting with snakes, especially larger species.


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