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Outrage erupts as Super Metro violates traffic rules on Thika Road [Video]

Video of Super Metro driving against traffic goes viral, netizens react

A Super Metro sacco bus

A recent video capturing a Super Metro matatu navigating the wrong side of Thika Super Highway has sparked outrage among netizens, highlighting yet another instance of reckless driving on Kenya's roads.

The footage, which was shared on Instagram by a local blog, depicts the bus boldly maneuvering against oncoming traffic, a blatant violation of traffic rules and a dangerous act that puts lives at risk.

In the video, the matatu can be seen flouting traffic norms by veering onto the opposite lane, where vehicles meant to be traveling in the opposite direction are visible.


Meanwhile, the correct side of the road appears congested with a traffic jam, leaving many puzzled as to how the matatu found itself in such a precarious position.

Speculation abounds regarding the matatu's motives for this risky maneuver, with some suggesting that it may have attempted a U-turn to alleviate the traffic congestion.

The video prompted various reactions from netizens, with some expressing concern over the safety implications of such reckless driving behavior.


One commenter speculated that there might have been an emergency on board or that the driver was under the influence.

Another user, emphasised the significance of responsible driving, noting that ignorance comes with consequences and suggesting that it might be a new driver handling the vehicle.

Despite the recent incident, Super Metro has emerged as a preferred choice among commuters in the matatu sector.


Customers often opt to queue and wait for Super Metro buses, even when other buses are available for the same route.

The preference for Super Metro stems from the reliability and consistency of their services, as well as their reputation for providing efficient transportation.

Super Metro Matatu Sacco began its operations along the Kikuyu-Nairobi route in 2013 with a modest fleet of 33-seater buses.


Founded by Nelson Mwangi and his five friends, the Sacco secured funding from banks to boost their capital and expand their operations.

The Sacco has grown significantly over the years, plying major corridors of Nairobi CBD.


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