Mutahi Ngunyi reaches out to Miguna with offer to mentor him, General hits back

"I am serious!"

Mutahi Ngunyi reaches out to Miguna Miguna with offer to mentor him, General hits back

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi on Monday evening tweeted himself into trouble after he offered to mentor exiled Kenyan activist Miguna Miguna. 

Ngunyi, a professor of political science, recognized how odd the request to mentor Miguna was - adding a disclaimer that he was serious and pleading not to be insulted. 

"I want to MENTOR Miguna Miguna. And (Please Miguna, do not ABUSE me. PLEASE.) I am SERIOUS," Ngunyi tweeted. 

The tweet widely went viral as netizens expected Miguna to hit back with an attack against Ngunyi. 

Early on Tuesday morning, Miguna did not disappoint his fans after he tackled the political analyst - declining the offer to be mentored. 

"I must disappoint you, Mr Kleptocrat. You cannot mentor men and women of integrity with stellar records in the struggle for justice and more qualified and competent than you. You are free to mentor thieves struggling to join Waiguru and you in NYS and other heists," the self-proclaimed general tweeted. 

Both Miguna and Ngunyi are public intellectuals in their own right but they rarely see eye to eye on public discourse owing to differing political ideologies and interests. 

In after Miguna published his sensational memoir, Peeling Back the Mask, Ngunyi termed it as gutter work full of gossip. 


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