Naweza mchapa ngoto – NTV news anchor refers to MP as a “young boy”

The comments were made on a live TV interview

NTV's Ken Mijungu

NTV news anchor and reporter Ken Mijungu on Monday morning referred to South Mugirango MP Sylvanus Osoro as a young boy during a morning talk show.

Mijungu had hosted a number of legislators and political analysts to discuss a purported order made by AU High Representative for Infrastructure – stopping dredging at the Likoni Channel.

Osoro is one of the politicians allied to Deputy President William Ruto who have asked government officials to disregard Odinga’s order, arguing he was an outside with no powers to issue orders.

Mijungu appears to downplay Osoro’s argument – joking that the MP was younger than him and that he could slap give him “ngotos” – a slang word referring to contemptuous slaps at the back of the head especially used by bullies in schools.

He is a young boy, even younger than me - naweza mchapa makofi kwa kichwa,” the journalist remarked, tongue-in-cheek.

The comment did not sit well with Kandara MP Alice Wahome – also a prominent member of the DP’s Tanga Tanga political wing.

He is a member of parliament. Unfortunately, I think this is a matter that requires a very serious response. It is now nine days that the family have not recovered the bodies of Mariam and her daughter…I am unable to see why it was Raila Odinga issuing the order when we had so many technical officers on the ground,” Wahome said.

Seme MP James Nyikal, who was also on the panel, said that Odinga had only expressed an opinion and asked politicians to deal with the substance of what was said rather than the person who issued it. 


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