NEMA warns popular school over health danger facing students

Popular school at risk over health danger posed

Nema Director Geoffrey Wahungu during a past interview

The National Environment Management Authority (Nema) in Laikipia County on Monday warned Nanyuki High School of the dangers the roof of the structured posed to the occupants’ health.

The environmental body through Laikipia Director Fanuel Mosago stated that the asbestos roofing that were first put during the colonial period, wore off naturally and posed a heath problem for the people.

Mosago further pointed out that the warning should also be considered by other institutions that had similar roofs.

“We have advised anyone with asbestos roofing to remove it and seek guidance on how to dispose it,” stated Mosago.

According to medical researchers, the roofs increase the chance of getting lung cancer through inhalation of the fibre emitted.

Principal Oliver Minish affirmed that the school intended to replace the roofs with iron sheets.

“Most of the school’s buildings have asbestos which has already started wearing off. We need help,” remarked Minish.

Law over rainwater harvesting

Kenya imposed a law that prohibited the collection of rainwater in commercial buildings.

Reports had indicated that the law was passed during the colonial times as a prevention against the risk of harvesting contaminated water from the then-popular asbestos roofing.

The health hazard posed by the fire proof material, might have facilitated the formation of the law.


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