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NIIMS registration unearths shocking revelations about Police - Uhuru


President Uhuru Kenyatta received in Masii for the launch of NIIMS registration (PSCU)

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday revealed that the pilot phase of the National Integrated Identification Management System (NIIMS) had unearthed a shocking number of ghost workers within the National Police Service (NPS).

Speaking during the official launch of the registration process, President Kenyatta noted that a total of 1,447 ghost officers who had been on the pay roll did not turn up for the registration.

He further revealed that within the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) 152 names listed on the pay roll were found to be ghost officers.

"We conducted a pilot of this initiative within the Police Service late last year and we discovered 1,447 people who were receiving salaries and they are not there.


"Among the Administration Police we discovered 1,048 ghost officers and 152 in the DCI.

"That comes to about 5,000 people who do not exist because if they were there they could have already come out to register," he noted.

President Kenyatta further disclosed that the government had been able to save Sh148 million in one month that could have been paid to the almost 5,000 fake workers discovered within the police force.

He further elaborated that the amount saved translates to Sh1.8 billion in one year.


Myths surrounding NIIMS registration and Huduma Number

The President urged Kenyans to disregard myths that have been propagated concerning the Huduma Namba saying that they are being peddled by enemies of progress.

"That amount calculated in 12 months is able to build enough roads in this country.

"Now do you see why some people are opposed to this exercise? It's because they know that once we do this they will lose those crooked channels they have been using for corruption," the President noted.

He added that the exercise will be taken to the Prisons service and to the civil service in general.



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