Locusts are a punishment from God – declares US pastor

I hope the locusts eat out the lying and the deceiving in Kenya!

Locusts are a punishment from God – declares US pastor

American preacher Rick Wiles has come out to state that the locust invasion that is a menace in Kenya is a plague God has sent due to the endless corruption in the country.

Pastor Rick revealed that Kenya was one of the most deceiving countries he has ever visited stating that people lie constantly and are always trying to steal. “I’m not surprised that there are locust swarms in Kenya right now. I hope it eats out the lying and the deceiving countries” said the preacher.

Is God sending a plague of locusts in Kenya? Yeah. There are stages of judgement, Kenya has had drought, now it’s going to famine, and when people stiffen their necks and defy God and say we will not repent, we will not bend our knees to you, we will not confess our sins, then the Lord cranks up the pressure" added the pastor.

Speaking to Trunews, the preacher revealed that corrupt officials extorted money from him as they tried to help Kenyans by drilling wells during a deadly drought that saw people die of thirst and hunger. He purchased well-drilling rigs and was later on told to pay for charity tax.

You wanna give away your money but people want to tax it. So they impounded my water drill in the port of Mombasa and wanted 80,000 dollars cash (8 million Kenyan Shillings) to release it" said Mr Wiles.

He also compared what is happening to Kenya with the Corona Virus outbreak in China and other parts of the world, saying that God is sending plagues to sinful nations.

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