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Raila takes on Uhuru in Twitter post over state of economy

President Uhuru Kenyatta was embroiled in trouble on Saturday after tweeting that Raila Odinga...

Through a Twitter post on Friday, Mr Kenyatta had criticised Mr Odinga for leading demonstrations which he argued that were destroying the economy.

“You can go on with your demonstrations but do not destroy the property of Kenyans. Today a supermarket was destroyed in Kisumu. What wrong did the owner of the supermarket commit? The water supply in Kisumu was also destroyed. Is that the development that the Kenyan people want?,” said the President.


Speaking in Meru town, where he wrapped up his tour of the populous county today, President Kenyatta said Raila should be mindful of the interest of the Kenyan people and should engage in politics that does not jeopardise the nation’s wellbeing.

“I am telling Raila not to jeopardise the economy because that is what brings the taxes that fund services for Kenyans. Do not let your interest defeat the interest of 45 million Kenyans,” said the President.

In a rejoinder, however, Mr Odinga quashed Mr Kenyatta’s remarks, adding that the economy of Kenya has crumbled under watch.

“Banks are at their worst. Interest rates remain at choking levels, the only industries you’ve grown are corruption and looting,” Mr Odinga tweeted to Mr Kenyatta.


Mr Odinga has been organising Nasa demonstrations against IEBC top officials including CEO Ezra Chiloba, whom he want axed before the repeat presidential elections, slated for October 26.


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