5 Fines Passengers Will be Slapped With in New Matatu Crackdown

Passengers will be slapped with fines in the matatu crackdown which kicked off on Monday.

Passengers inside a matatu

Passengers were also listed and warned that if found breaking any of the rules in the checklist they too will face the law by paying the stipulated fines.

If a passenger is caught stealing a ride (avoiding to pay the fare) they will be instantly fined. Passengers found to be in excess in the matatu will also be fined.

Passengers caught without wearing a seatbelt will also be fined Ksh500 from Monday. Motorcycle passengers will also be fined Ksh1,000 if they are found without protective gear.

As for motorists, driving a vehicle that does have identification plates affixed or if they have been placed incorrectly will cost you Ksh10,000 while driving on or through a pedestrian walkway or pavement will cost a driver Ksh5,000.

Fines for drivers

Any driver caught causing an obstruction on the road in a manner that inconveniences other motorists or prevents the flow of traffic will have to part with Ksh10,000.

Other fines for drivers include failure of a driver to obey traffic signs if a driver doesn't stop when asked to do so by a police officer in uniform they will pay Ksh5,000. Driving without a valid driving licence that corresponds to the class of the vehicle being driven will cost a motorist Ksh7,000.

Failure to renew a driving licence will be charged Ksh1,000 while lack of producing a driving licence on demand will be Ksh1,000. Driving while using a mobile phone will see you part with Ksh2,000.

A Learner failing to exhibit ‘L’ plates on front and rear of the vehicle will have to pay Ksh1,000 while the failure of a vehicle to carry lifesavers will cost the motorist Ksh2,000.

Motorists will part with Ksh2,000 if the vehicle doesn't have lifesavers and Ksh3,000 if they fail to display lifesavers in the case where any part of the vehicle remains on the road in a position to obstruct or cause obstruction.

A vehicle without seat belts will be fined Ksh10,000 for every seat or if the seat belts are not of the proper standard. Driving a PSV while being unqualified will cost one Ksh7,000 and if a driver of a PSV lets an unauthorized person drive they will part with Ksh5,000.

Fines for conductors

An unlicensed individual acting as the conductor or driver of the PSV will pay a fine of Ksh5,000 while a matatu picking and dropping passengers at areas that are not the designated bus stops will be fined Ksh1,000.

Failure to fit prescribed speed governors in vehicles will attract a Ksh10,000 fine while a fine of Ksh1,000 will be given to any person travelling with a part of the body outside a moving vehicle. Touting will cost one Ksh3,000.


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