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Exclusive: Duale’s Romantic Recording with Nazlin finally leaks [Listen]

Here is the audio clip...

In the recording, a voice believed to be Duale’s is heard begging Nazlin to forgive him for not being present in her life.

From the clip, it is clear the lovebirds who have been romantically involved for three years are in turmoil.

Throughout the phone conversation, Duale pleads with Nazlin to give him a another chance promising he would do anything (including giving her money) to ensure they continue with their relationship.


However, what remains unclear is the cause of the tension.

Speaking to Pulse Live Kenya, Ms. Nazlin divulged that her life was in danger since the contents of the audio were first published in the Nairobian.

She noted that she had recorded a statement with the police adding that she was currently not able to leave her house because of the threats.

Nazlin purported that bloggers had been hired to tarnish her name yet Duale, who claims loves her, remained silent.


The businesswoman called on the Majority leader to come out and defend her noting: "Duale needs to man up not be a lion in private to me but a mouse in public where I’m being shredded”.

She made shocking revelations including the fact that Duale could have been begging her to remain mum over a politically critical issue.

"Why is it that up to the day after the Nairobian came out we were together addressing this scandal which oddly Adan was aware of long before it was released and was forcing me to publish a disclaimer that he penned sown and sent me, repeatedly," she said.

Nonetheless, a source close to Mr Duale told Pulse Live Kenya that the controversial clip was a mere creation by Nazlin.

According to the source who sought anonymity, the Nazlin paid Nairobian to publish the story after Duale refused to support her financially.


Though Duale dismissed the audio recording as fake, Nazlin mentioned that the Garissa Township MP also has the clip.


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