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Beautiful women rep requests Uhuru to marry second wife

She says the President should lead by example after Gathoni Wamuchomba's demand last week.

Speaking on Monday, during a workshop on Affirmative Action in Mombasa, the legislator challenged the President to marry a second wife and take her to State House.

The Mombasa county MP said majority of the women are against the proposal, and since the president signed the Marriage Bill into law in 2014, "he should then lead in the implementation".

"Many women support the idea of legalising polygamy in the country but Uhuru should take the challenge by marrying a second wife and introduce her in the press for all of us to see," Asha said.


At first, the MP seemed to be supporting the idea of polygamy, but the women at the hall vehemently opposed it, forcing her to change her tune.

She, however, remained non-committal if she supports or opposes polygamy.

The Marriage Bill, which allows men to marry more than one wife, sparked criticism from among women after it was signed.

She added: "As women, we are saying that adultery cases are on the rise hence the high number of children born out of wedlock and high rates of STIs."


The polygamy debate was reignited by Kiambu woman representative Gathoni Wamuchomba when she challenged rich Kikuyu men to marry more than one wife to end the plight of children.

"If you are a man from the Kikuyu community and can sustain five wives, have them....if you are a man and you are in a position to bring up (many children), do it," she said.


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