Babu Owino reveals what he will do with the millions awarded to him by Appeal Court

Babu Owino's victory was upheld on Friday.

Speaking to his supporters shortly after the landmark ruling, Owino maintained that he would use the Sh4 million that was fined his competitor to award bursaries to his constituents in a rare message.

“Nyinyi wenyewe mtaamua itakapofika 2022. Mlichagua kiongozi bora. Nitawafanyia kazi. Hata ile pesa shilingi milioni nne nimepewa na mahakama leo itaenda kwa bursary ya Embakasi East,” he told a crowd outside the Supreme Court buildings which houses the Appellate Court.

“I would tell my opponents to wake up and move on. I also invite them to come and help me serve the people of Embakasi.

“There is a time to lead and a time to be led…my opponents should respect those in power now so that when their time comes they can be respected too,” he added.

Violence didn't affect outcome

The ruling, therefore, means that there will be no by-election in Embakasi East after three judges of the Court of Appeal overturned a High Court judgement nullifying Babu Owino's win.

Justices Mohammed Warsame, Daniel Musinga and Kathurima M'Inoti in their collective ruling said the nullification of the results on account of recount and scrutiny was not founded in law.

They said the irregularities which were noted in the results “did not fundamentally affect the final outcome.”

The court also said Justice Joseph Sergon, who nullified the August 8 election, did not demonstrate how the violence affected the final outcome, adding that earlier claims that Mr Owino, also known as Paul Ongili, intimidated the returning officer were unfounded.


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