Murathe's 1 request to DP Ruto after resigning

Polite request

Former Jubilee vice chairman David Murathe

David Murathe called on Deputy President William Ruto and his allies to produce documents that will prove the Mt Kenya region had agreed to support the latter in 2022.

Speaking during an interview on KTN on Sunday evening, Murathe stated that President Uhuru Kenyatta and his DP did not have a binding MoU.

Prove Claims

"I want to dare them to produce a MoU. As an insider who is aware of the arrangements from 2013 to date, I can assure you and I challenge them to produce it," Murathe stated.

"The arrangement was clear on how they would share government and they took more lucrative Ministries," he added.

Murathe said the President and his DP came into an agreement and shared the government equally hinting that Ruto should go home after his term is over.

Seen as President Kenyatta’s voice and dyed-in-the-wool supporter, Mr Murathe defended his calls to send Ruto home, claiming that the narrative of there being a MoU was dangerous and could hinder democracy.

War on graft

He further defended President Kenyatta's war on graft, which some of DP Ruto's allies have claimed to be one-sided.

Mr Murathe dismissed the claims and alluded that those who were defending public officers caught up in corruption scandals also had a hand in the looting of public coffers.

During the interview, Murathe stated that he was concerned on the state of the country after seeing how some of the DP's allies behaved after he ascended to the second most powerful seat in the country.

Unsuitable for office

Murathe stated that having seen how the DP runs things he ascertained that he was not suitable for the Presidency.

"We have watched how he runs things... ask anybody even from his own corner in the Rift Valley, the people whose toes he steps on, the people who are given orders to do some unorthodox stuff which ends up landing them in trouble," Murathe stated.

"People keep wondering who can reign in this guy because there is nothing we can do we will sort it out on the ballot," he added.

He clarified that he did not have any problem with the Rift Valley region but rather with an individual adding that 'they' were ready to bring on board other like-minded individuals.

The immediate former Jubilee Vice chairman said that his actions were being supported by other leaders within the party but he did not mention names.


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