US sends urgent message to Raila after announcing he was ready to die

Raila on Tuesday said he was ready to face the death penalty after being sworn-in.

Odinga on Tuesday while attending the funeral of Kitui West MP Francis Nyenze at Kyondoni village, declared he was ready to face the death penalty after taking the oath of office as President.


Attorney General Githu Muigai last week warned the former Prime Minister's planned swearing-in amounted to treason which was punishable by death.

The acting assistant secretary for African Affairs Mr Donald Yamamoto, in President Donald Trump’s State Department warned Odinga against going along with his planned swearing-in saying he was at risk of ruining his hard-fought legacy both nationally and globally.


Speaking in a teleconference with Kenyan reporters on Tuesday, Yamamoto praised Odinga for his political record and commitment to achieving reforms in Kenya and urged him to focus on his legacy.

“We’ve known the former prime minister over the years,” he said. “He has a great story — the need for political reform. He is famous for, noted for, respected for reforms. However, forming a separate or parallel government is really unhelpful,”,” Yamamoto said.

The top US diplomat said his country was still pushing for dialogue between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Odinga affirming that the Trump administration will continue to champion talks between the Government and the Opposition to make Kenya a “model of dialogue” across the world.

He however warned that, while Washington is willing to bring together President Kenyatta and Odinga to the negotiating table, any reforms must be pursued within the confines of the constitution.


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