Lifestyle audit: DP Ruto reveals the real owner of the chopper he reportedly owns [video]

DP Ruto came clean for the first time as focus shifts on the source of his immense wealth

Addressing the public at a fundraiser in Gaichanjiru High School in Murang’a Ruto, delved into his alleged ownership of choppers, disclosing that he only borrows the chopper(s) from Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria.

Watu wamekuwa wakinihangaisha wakitaka kujua mambo ya mandege sasa wako na majibu. Mwenye ndege amejulikana, ni Moses Kuria. (Those who have been on my case demanding to know about planes now have answers. The owner of the plane is now known and it is Moses Kuria).

Ruto thanked Kuria and urged those who have been on his case to give him peace and space, confirming that he only borrows the chopper from Kuria to travel around from time to time.

Ruto was affirming Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria’s claim that he is the actual owner of the chopper used by the DP and only lends it to him from time time.

Kuria had sought to clarify that the chopper used by the DP is his after the headteached refereed to it as the DP’s.

“Principal wa hii shue amesema chopper ya Makamu wa Rais…nataka tuabiane ukweli kama wakristo, hiyo chopper ni yangu ni mimi nilikuwa nimempatia (The Principal has stated that the DP’s chopper…I want us to tell each other the trusth as Christians.  The chopper is mine, I am the one who gave it to him.” Kuria clarified.

In the wake of massive corruption in government, President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered for a lifestyle audit with DP Ruto coming into sharp focus on the source of his immense wealth.

According to the DP’s admission, a section of the public have been on his case to explain his alleged ownership of among other assets, a chopper.


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