Deputy President William Ruto on Saturday, 09 Nov 2019 revisited the recent Kibra by-elections in an angry rant in which he once again took a swipe at opposition chief Raila Odinga for using underhand tactics to secure victory.

Taking to Twitter, DP Ruto who suffered a humbling defeat at the hands of Raila Odinga who teamed up with politicians from across the political divide to deliver victory to Bernard Okoth took his rivalry to Odinga a notch higher.

The DP stated that ODM succeeded in using chaos, violence, mayhem and terror as a strategy to win the polls.

He alleged that an organized militia which he referred to as ‘baba’s militia’was at the center of the chaos, using tactics similar to terrorists organizations and outlawed groups.

“The ONLY strategy and structure Tinga's party had which largely succeeded was,violence, chaos,mayhem & terror meted out by organized baba's militia the same instruments used by terrorists organizations including outlawed groups. How sad they have learnt nothing from handshake!” Wrote Ruto.

Imran Okoth with Raila Odinga
Imran Okoth with Raila Odinga

Raila infiltrating DP Ruto's Karen home meetings

Ruto was reacting to the headline of a local daily which alleged that Raila infiltrated DP Ruto’s camp with spies ho updated him on his (DP Ruto’s) every move.

The publication, quoting one of the former prime minister's insiders, claimed that Odinga had his moles attend all meetings held at DP Ruto’s Karen home and intelligently countered every move, deploying the ODM brigade and urging voters to stay woke an thwart any attempt to bribe voters.

The Kibra race was a hotly contested affair with analysts opining that it was a rehearsal for 2022.

DP Ruto with Mariga
DP Ruto with Mariga

DP Ruto left nothing to chance, channeling his resources to put in place a well-organized and financed campaign.

However, his candidate McDonald Mariga suffered a humbling defeat at the hand of ODM’s Bernard Imran Okoth.