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Murkomen's Advice to Raila after Supreme Court ruling

They lied to you

Murkomen, who was visibly elated after Kenyatta’s victory, urged Mr. Odinga to abandon a group of people who have been lying to him.

According to the Senate Majority leader, the former Prime Minister was deceived that the fresh presidential election will not be conducted hence he withdrew.

He noted that though he believes Odinga means well for the country his henchmen were duping him for their own selfish ambitions.


“I also believe that Raila Odinga in the absence of the radicals around him is a well-meaning Kenyan. I think he was misled by individuals who lied to him that they were going to deliver no elections on October 26.

“Now that he has come to the realization of the fact that that was a lie, he must quickly run away from the misadvise he has been receiving from radical individuals who have nothing to lose. People who are living in high offices, those who are living in the suburbs of Nairobi and they do not understand what people are going through in Kondele, Mathare, Kibera, Mukuru,” Murkomen remarked outside the Supreme Court.

The senator asked Odinga to work with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Government to ensure the country moves forward and reclaim his legacy.

“The former Prime Minister must go back to a State man’s position and be part of the solution in terms of moving our country forward and we will listen to every suggestion he has because we are the institutions in Government that are going to do that," he said.

Murkomen welcomed the idea of Odinga and Mr. Kenyatta sitting together to deliberate on imminent issues affecting the nation.


“If he wants to sit down with resident Uhuru Kenyatta, I will say why not? Now it will be about sitting together to discuss matters of moving the country forward but not about elections," the Senator noted.

He highlighted that Mr. Kenyatta’s second term will involve building a lasting legacy.


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