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Babu Owino's special request to police leaves Kenyans in stitches

Babu Owino's request comes hours after the arrest of Miguna Miguna

Owino went ahead to state that, it’s not advisable for police to arrest him on a Friday and if they need him they should arrest him in the middle of the week.

He added that the government can alternatively construct a police cell in his house so that he can be sleeping there whenever they feel offended by him.


“I’m asking the police to arrest me on a week day if at all I’m in their list.Today is not a good day for me since it’s a Friday, or alternatively the government can construct a police cell in my house,I will be sleeping there whenever they feel offended by me.” Wrote Babu Owino

Owino’s request to police sparked an interesting debate with netizens expressing different opinions.

One social media user had this to say “ Police frm which goverment...... Frm the real goverment ya son of Jomo ama hii ya Joshua bandia A..K. A king of comedy?”

Another one added “the funny thing is that they cant arrest the person who took the oath..they are arresting the participants...they are just afraid of baba”


The outspoken NRM strategist had on Monday maintained that their was nothing unlawful he had done since he is a commissioner of oath.

The NRM general was at the Centre of Odinga’s swearing-in at Uhuru park alongside Ruaraka MP TJ Kwajwang who was released on Thursday.

Here are some of the reactions:

“dead. Ata I had sent you this. I love this man aki”

Hahhahahhaha hahaha wooooiye spare me Hahahhahahah kwisha


Hahahhahahah seee this one ....nampenda bure...

Maragoli proverb” The government is like a big tree. You may think you are shaking it, but only your buttocks are shaking."

Enyewe boss

Hehehe..  my first son will be named after you.



pwahahahaha wewe ndio dawa yao ### miguna miguna en sultan oo1

It's too far nigga

Hii serikali ya wachache inaudhi

Hahahaha watu wa police cells One side

l Hahaha. My bro Babu, we we ndo unajua kudeal na hii mang'ombe. Usibanduke, we are keenly watching you our son.


wacha nicamp na babu hapa


nilijua tu nitakupata hapa"


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