Guns drawn as 6 MPs violently clash with President’s PS over alcohol

Police were called in to resolve the drama

Seated next to them was the Sudanese government official who went on to smoke in the prohibited area, with the smoke wafting to Atandi’s eyes.

The youthful MP was reported to have protested but the said PS arrogantly poured beer on him and his colleagues.


The drunk Sudanese’ antics did not augur well with the group of Kenyan MPs who rose up in protest and threatened to beat up the PS.

Bodyguards attached to the MPs also joined in to protect their bosses, but the Sudanese was also accompanied by a group of men who joined in the commotion.

The bodyguards attached to the legislators had the upper hand and managed to throw them out of the bar.

Once in the parking lot, the Sudanese government official is said to have marshaled for reinforcement before police ultimately arrived to calm the situation.

Witnesses claimed that three MPs had drawn their guns although no shots were fired.


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