Senator Sakaja and Murokomen clash

The two Senators are going after each other

On Sunday, Senator Sakaja took to his twitter handle and urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to assent to the Amendment exempting fuel from tax, but Murkomen opted to remind him that  he was in Parliament when the Petroleum law was passed in 2013.

“Dear kindly assent to the Amendment exempting fuel from VAT. the gain in tax revenue is much less than the goodwill of Kenyans in the fight against corruption (where we are losing much more). If anything, we should entirely do away with VAT on fuel," Tweeted Sakaja.

“Remember Bro that this Petroleum law was passed when you were in National Assembly in 2013. You have no legitimacy to pretend wail,” replied Murkomen.

Senator Murkomen’s response did not settle well  with Sakaja who called him (Murkomen) out for being disrespectful with his words.

“A world of difference between us. Your statement was against what had already done. Mine is urging him to assent to the amendment by National Assembly. You said people are being kicked out because of the handshake . Disingenuous, underhand and disrespectful!” reacted Sakaja.

Murkomen added that “I agree with you Hon.Sakaja on this. But remember you issued a statement publicly when I visited the people of MAU against this approach. In your own words you warned me against “inciting Kenyans against Uhuru’s initiatives” coz it is “...disingenuous, underhand & disrespectful”

The conversation between the two senator’s prompted Kenyans On Twitter (KOT) to participate in the discussion eliciting divided opinions on whether the exchange was worth it at a time when the fuel prices have been effected.

KOT Reaction on Sakaja’s Tweet


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