Jowie Irungu spotted roaming in Prison Uniform

The disheveled murder suspect seemed to be deep in thought.

Joseph "Jowie" Irungu roaming at KNH in prison uniform

Jowie, who is still a guest of the state pending the hearing of his murder trial, was said to be at the hospital for a check up.

Unconfirmed reports also indicated that the fiancé to Citizen TV journalist Jacque Maribe would be admitted.

Jowie was accompanied by three officers who kept close as the murder suspect wandered through the gardens at the hospital.

Still a Guest of the State

Jowie was recently denied bail by High Court Justice James Wakiaga as his fiancée was freed on a Sh1 million bail.

In his ruling, Justice Wakiaga noted that Jowie is a flight risk and had access to weapons, therefore, could easily intimidate witnesses.

He also made a remark that earned him alot of publicity when he referred to the murder suspect as a "woman eater".

"A picture that emerges from the prosecution's evidence as set out herein above and the pre-bail report of the accused is that he is a male version of a slay queen, which for lack of better terminology I'd call a woman eater," Justice Wakiaga stated.

The judge, however, allowed Jowie to access medical care for his gunshot wound.


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