McDonald Mariga, the renowned footballer and Jubilee party aspirant in the upcoming Kibra by-election has angered a section of Kibra residents after texts in his name were sent out to voters on the same day that ODM party was conducting its nominations exercise.

Several people confirmed to that indeed they received the texts urging them to vote for him (Mariga) in the 07 November by-election.

Many expressed anger that they have never had contact with the famous footballer, only for him to “sneak into their inboxes” soliciting for support.

The message sent on Saturday read: "Hello (name), naomba kukujulisha nitang'ang'ania kiti cha MP wa Kibra katika uchaguzi mdogo ujao. Naomba kura yako. Nakutakia wikendi njema."

Thye also questioned how Mariga got their numbers in the first place with some reading malice in the timing of the message to coincide with ODM nomination exercise that happened yesterday.

Mariga shamed for sending texts messages to Kibra residents

It has also emerged that numerous Whatsapp groups have been formed to drum up support for the Jubilee politician with many expressing that they have been added to such groups without their consent and confirming that they have since left such groups.

“Sijawahi muona na macho yangu, simjui, na sitampigia kura. Sitaki ujinga (i have never seen him, I don’t know him an I will definitely not vote for him. Jokes aside)”. Confirmed Fred.

MacDonald Mariga who is running for Kibra MP's seat on Jubilee ticket

Mariga will face it out with ODM’s Bernard Okoth who clinched the party ticket in yesterday’s nomination.