Professor Kivutha Kibwana replaced

The decison was arrived at over the weekend

Makueni governor Prof Kivutha Kibwana

Makueni Governor Professor Kivutha Kibwana has been replaced as the Wiper Party national chairman.

The party, led by Kalonzo Musyoa has settled on former Ambassador Chirau Ali Mwakwere who will take over from the Makueni governor.

In the changes that were announced today, Mwakwere will be deputized by Ms Ann Kanyi from Nyeri County.

Kibwana’s exit was long overdue after a series of public clashes with Kalonzo whose influence in the wider Ukambani region has been on the decline with his party losing all the gubernatorial seats save for Makueni which Kivutha Kibwana successfully defended.

Even before the official announcement, multiple sources confirmed that Mwakwere had taken over Kibwana’s roles even as the party deliberated on how to handle Prof Kibwana, their chairman who has turned a harsh critic of both Mr Musyoka and the party.

Kalonzo charmed Kibwana in the run-up to the 2017 general election and convinced him to ditch his Muungano party for Wiper.

However, the union between wiper and Muungano was characterized by wrangles and an equally messy divorce.

Kalonzo recently announced that his party had officially cut ties with Kibwana’s Muungano party in what marked the climax of the battle for the control of Ukambani politics, pitting Kibwana against Kalonzo.

In the wake of the divorcee, Kibwana divulged that Wiper party needed him more than he needed it, disclosing that he gave Kalonzo Musyoka the necessary clout and political support to secure the running mate slot in NASA.

“We are not refusing this Wiper-Muungano divorce but even if I was in Muungano I would have retained my position since the people of Makueni in 2013 elected me due to the trust they had in me.

If I hadn’t joined him Wiper party would not have secured even a single governor position in Ukambani. I helped Kalonzo secure a running mate position in NASA to prevent Musalia Mudavadi from sealing it,” said Kibwana.

He hit out at the former Vice President for reneging on the merger deal, telling him to quit politics and asserting that despite being in politics for three decades including serving as the Vice President, the region had little to show for it.

“Kalonzo has not done most of the things we had agreed and signed including the nomination formula. We had agreed to have every county have a list of what they wanted undertaken and this was not done. Therefore, if Kalonzo wants to call it off, let it be,” he added.  

“His time has elapsed. He was Vice President, what did he do? So, these people saying Kalonzo will be the next president should know the position belongs to none,” Kibwana said.  


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