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Boniface Mwangi says "Kenyans are slaves to idiots" and Twitter is on fire

Bonnie's comments spark debate

Mwangi posted a photo of a huge traffic jam along Mombasa Road at 5.30 in the morning, which he said was proof of Kenyans being “slaves”.

“Slaves heading to work! It’s 5:30am and there is traffic on Mlolongo heading to Nairobi city. Kenya lacks a reliable public transport system so every slave who gets a job applies for a car loan.The slaves also elect idiots from their tribe to lead them. Liberate your minds slaves,” he tweeted.

He added, "If there was reliable public transport system you would sleep longer, better and still be in your office on time. You have to wake up so early to beat the traffic...Majority of Kenyans are slaves to idiots who lord over them."


Divided opinions

On one hand were those who took Mwangi’s message literally – accusing him of having a condescending attitude towards Kenyans he hopes to lead.

“On this one I don't support you. 1st, i'm already at MY office, at this time, so i might have been on the road at that time. 2nd most of those guys have built their homes those sides. 3rd, someone has a screen shot of this, ready to use it during your next political campaigns,” Victor Ademba replied.

“You have two options; You can choose to insult the electorate and resign from politics or you can choose to address the issues facing this country with decorum,” Boniface Ngigi opined.


Another user, @coldtusker, said, “Hmmm, interesting. Just coz many Kenyans don't have photography gigs sponsored by foreign NGOs doesn't make them slaves”.

Another group supported Mwangi’s tweet, noting that the failed public transport system had turned Kenyans into slaves who have to wake up at ungodly hours to compensate for the hours spent on traffic.

“I read somewhere every Kenyan owes the chinese around ksh 87,000. Most of that debt money was stolen or used to build unsustainable infrastructure projects. And the regime keeps borrowing. Kenyans are literally debt slaves. But tell a Kenyan he's a slave anakula moto kama acrobat,” Githaka Githaka said.

Ohta Ryota was more blunt, “Mimi sioni shida ya kuitwa slaves na Boniface ukweli tu hampendi kuskia… (I have no problem with Boniface Mwangi calling me a slave, you don’t like being told the truth) if you have no control of your time and schedule and it is decided by someone else you are a slave with a fancy time 'EPLOYEE."

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