Emotions flare as Murkomen and Junet Mohamed clash in a bitter exchange

Junet Mohamed tackles Kipchumba Murkomen

Kipchumba Murkomen and Junet Mohamed during an interview hosted by Jeff Koinange

Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen lit up Twitter after clashing with Suna East MP Junet Mohamed, with the two involved in a bitter exchange, trading accusations.

Junet fired the first salvo, stating that Kenyans have not yet forgotten that he (Murkomen) was a thief and reminded him of the Arror and Kimwarer dam scandal.

“The problem with you is after you got demoted as a majority leader and started talking like an “opposition guy” you think Kenyans have forgotten you were a THIEVE. You assume Kenyans have forgotten Arror, Kimwarer, Nysand the major scandal you were involved.” Junet wrote.

Murkomen fired back, telling Junet to start assembling his legal team as the 21 days of investigations into the KEMSA scandal are almost over.

“Did you say red hearing why don’t you get a white one Hii pesa ya KEMSA unakuchanganya sana bro. The 21 days are almost over. Get a good lawyer.” Slammed Murkomen.

“You assume that joining govt gives you the freedom to steal as you want. You went straight to KEMSAHeist believing handshake is a shield.Let me teach you something;those of us who left positions without a single scandal are enjoying freedom. After handshake you will live in fear” added the former Senate Majority leader.

Receiving Millions from NYS scandal

The Suna East lawmaker fired back, debunking Murkomen’s claims of leaving leadership without a scandal, stating that the senator was indicted in a parliamentary reports as a beneficiary of the NYS loot.

“Stammer over what ? It’s for a fact that and the records are in parliament and you were indicted in a parliamentary report that you were paid 90M with Angela. Facts are stubborn. For Kemsa I don’t want to engage you on a red hearing” wrote Junet.

“First things first, thank you for admitting the KEMSA COVID19 Heist. 2nd on the NYS issues since I has a client their I can confirm that you were paid with your brother in law 100M. Nowadays you stammer allot. You no longer my old pal who uses to shoot straight” responded Murkomen.

As the duo clashed, netizens jumped into the raging debate, taking sides with some noting that none of them is clean.

“If you had evidence on @JunetMohamed regarding KEMSA, I'm Sure team Tanga Tanga would have tabled them long time ago, Usual Smear Campaign. This isn't the case as Arror and Kimwarer which was defended by Murkomen and his Master saying only 7 Billion was lost and not over 2 B.” Quipped Charles Mark Dienya.


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