Murkomen speaks on the mistake Uhuru made when calling for lifestyle audit

Murkomen expressed fears for the lifestyle audit even as the DP said he was ready.

Speaking during a TV interview Sunday night, the Elgeyo Marakwet senator claimed that the President failed to explain how the audit would be done, adding that there was neither a known strategy nor a law to back the audit.

In what seemed as his direct rejection for the controversial plan by the President, the Senator further stated that the audit was choreographed to target specific political leaders including Deputy President William Ruto.

“This is something some individuals were working on. Unfortunately, Governor Mutua was too impatient to hold the details; he leaked it out, and was later picked by the President and he went announcing it early.

“So that declaration is not backed by law in any way; the people who worked on the document which the president used wanted to directly target the DP, I have said it and I will keep saying it,” Mr Murkomen said.

Rocky relationship?

Murkomen’s sentiments came on the heels of an alleged rocky relationship between President Kenyatta and DP Ruto, something the DP rubbished in a previous public meeting.

Earlier, Mr Murkomen said via Twitter that the lifestyle audit will expose some of top politicians who are enjoying perceived status of rich men.

This was in reaction to President Uhuru Kenyatta's orders that NIS conducts a lifestyle audit for public servants, including himself and Deputy President William Ruto.

Uhuru said all state officers will be asked to explain the source of their wealth adding that all those found to have plundered public coffers will be put to task to explain the source of the same.

Twitter post

"I have only one problem with lifestyle audit. We will 'lose' our helicopters, high-rise buildings, NYS tenders etc. There is nothing a Kenyan voter hates than a poor politician," Murkomen said via twitter on Friday night.

He added: "Just let us fake it till we get it."

Murkomen's post, which was seen as a sarcastic talk, elicited mixed reactions with his followers saying he should stop his actions. He would later emerge to say that the decision by the NIS to count people’s property against their salary was nonsensical.

“I have no problem on a discussion around how to fight corruption but don’t go counting people’s properties and comparing then with their salaries. That’s nonsense,” he said in subsequent tweets.


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