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'Know your place,' Ofwono Opondo takes on 'arrogant, entitled' Gen Muhoozi

Gloves went off over the weekend as Ugandan Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo penned a scathing rebuttal against First Son, Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, describing him a “kitchen-knife child with a sense of entitlement.”

Ofwono Opondo went off on Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba

Opondo weighed in strongly on the ongoing standoff between Gen Muhoozi and NRM elders such as Gen Kahinda Otafiire, who are opposed to his inheritance of his father’s presidential seat.

The Government mouthpiece in an opinion piece, took issue with the way Gen Muhoozi aimed attacks at these elders, noting that such is not how disagreements are managed in the NRM.

From our past disagreements with leaders like Bidandi Ssali, Eriya Kategaya (RIP) or Amama Mbabazi, there is little gain in hauling insults at Kahinda Otafire as currently being although he too needs to tame his tongue,” Opondo wrote.

But well Uganda’s vibrant political terrain including its elections have increasingly shown that they are not a sweetheart island, and in the era of deep-seated decay, aggressive media, and social media that drives vulgar ethos with bare knuckles, whoever chooses to plunge in ought to be ready for the tumbles, and they should not cry in mother-tongue when the debris come falling.


Opondo blamed Gen Muhoozi’s acts on his own nature as a person who “wants the presidency of a silver platter,” and on his political surrogates "who like NUP supporters on social media don’t show restraint against those they disagree with.”

Opondo went on to highlight some of the traits that make Gen Muhoozi an undesirable political candidate.

In his previous political sketches on X platform came across as petulant, arrogant and either unable or uncomfortable talking to the public and media,” he said.

Many see him as a kitchen-knife child with a sense of entitlement, worsened by his abrasive and insolent political surrogates who like NUP supporters on social media don’t show restraint against those they disagree with.

Opondo believes that if Muhoozi wanted to be president, he should have joined the army


He could have just hanged around the NRM power corridor to enter parliament probably an easier route to be home and dry in the presidency,” he said.

Many of the surrogates currently around him might not have ever even crossed the national boundaries doing political election campaigns but could be schemers who need schooling in good politics of mutual respect and open constructive criticism especially when dealing with possible allies within NRM.

Opondo on the other hand believes that President Museveni will not disappoint his supporters by stepping down in 2026.


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