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“If anything happens to me hold Governor Alfred Mutua accountable”

Alfred Mutua lands in hot water

Divulging the information on social media, Ms. Ndeti alleged that Mr. Mutua has been spying on her and on several occasions spotted his vehicle around her home.

According to the former Chama Cha Uzalendo (CCU) party leader, the Governor has been tracking her movements. She linked Mutua to an incident where one of her workers was offered money to convey information regarding her tannery to unknown persons.

Ms Ndeti purports that the former Government spokesperson is striving to intimidate her ahead of her appeal challenging High Court’s decision to uphold his election during the 2017 General Election.


"The day I served Mutua with court papers for my petition in 2013, my neighbors Range Rover which was similar to mine, was shot as they entered our gate. In early 2017 my opponent opened his MCCP offices 100m from my home in an attempt to intimidate me.

"My appeal is coming on Monday 16th of April 2018. Today 9th of April 2018 at around 4:30 PM he was seen driving slowly along my gate in his white VX Landcruiser tailed by a Grey Subaru. What he is surveying I do not know.

“And it is not the first time. In addition, one of my workers recently confessed he was offered 3M by persons known to him to relay information regarding my movements," she posted.

The former MP divulged that his own father was shot two days before she launched her Gubernatorial bid in 2013.

Ndeti confirmed that she has reported the patter at Machakos Police Station and Muthangari police station.


"I’ve said it before and it is true. Mutua wants to do something bad to me and I stand by my statement. This has been happening since 2013," he told

However, Mr Mutua denied the allegations and vowed to take legal action against Ms Ndeti.

"It is our client's factual contention taht your statements are intentional outright lies and propaganda calculated to seek sympathy and to portray you as a victim of imaginary prosecution," Mutua's lawyers wrote to Ms Ndeti.


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