I have moved on – David Ndii speaks on his political relationship with Raila

"He was Raila's economic advisor, I don't know whether he was included in handshake deal"

During the 2017 General Election Ndii was appointed as NASA’s chief strategist and was actively involved in explaining the position of the Opposition regarding pertinent matters.

He also vehemently opposed the election of President Uhuru Kenyatta and was part of the team that launched the resistance movement which was NASA’s strategy to sabotage the economy in a bid to retaliate the ‘victory’ of Mr Kenyatta.

On Sunday, a tweep engaged Ndii questioning whether he was still Odinga’s economic advisor after the much-publicized handshake between President Kenyatta and Mr Odinga that saw the two end political tension.

"The spirit of the handshake is taking over our political conversation.  had people of high profile in his camp. was among them.

Moved on

A man with much knowledge of economics. He was Raila's economic advisor, I don't know whether he was included in handshake deal," Kiprono Abraham asked.

Ndii responded by stating that he had moved on with his life. He added that his activities in politics were prompted by his passion to fight for the democracy and the constitution of Kenya.

Ndii went on to dismiss perceived notions that he was hired by the former Prime Minister to propagate the self-interests of individuals.

"I volunteered for politics to defend the constitution and democracy, not to become a handmaiden to the self-preservation of a morally and intellectually bankrupt political class. I’ve moved on," Ndii said.


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