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Ruto's lukewarm reception in Molo gets Kenyans talking [Video]

As President Ruto addressed the crowd, a sense of somberness hung in the air, a stark contrast to the electrifying atmosphere during the campaigns when the crowds fervently sang his praises.

President William Ruto

President William Ruto recently held a roadside rally in Molo, Nakuru County, where he passionately outlined his government agenda.

Speaking to a crowd from atop his official vehicle, President Ruto mentioned key topics such as the Finance Bill 2023, the affordable housing program, the Itare Dam, and the fulfilment of election promises.

As the head of state addressed the gathering, a sense of somberness and curiosity hung in the air, in stark contrast to the electrifying atmosphere during the presidential campaigns when the crowds fervently sang his praises.


The shift in the residents' reception of the president raises concerns and leaves many wondering why the head of state, who enjoyed overwhelming support from the area, encountered such a lukewarm response.

President Ruto enticed the crowd with the promise of jobs in the affordable housing program but even then the residents of Molo struggled to match their thunderous enthusiasm, months before when Ruto toured the area to ask for their votes.

Issa Bashir - The crowd is not energised as it used to be.


Fred Nyabuto - Watu wa molo nyinyi ni wangwana sana, mmepea zakayo pressure anajiongelesha mwenyewe na hiyo ndio safari nataka tutembee pamoja tumwonyeshe tumechoka.

Oscar N. Muema - Kenyans uchoka haraka, . watu wamenuna kweli

Kamau Munyua - That crowd is not resonating with your message mtukufu rais. Check what is wrong ... something terribly wrong.

Symo Mach - hata nguvu ya kuinua mikono haiko..




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