Supreme Court judge makes fun of Chebukati

Petitioners had claimed Chebukati flip-flopped during the last election

Justice Isaac Lenaola was responding to one of the petitioners who described Chebukati as a person who kept on changing his mind with regard to the credibility of the repeat elecetion.

The petitioner’s lawyer, Julie Soweto, stated that Chebukati had flip-flopped on the credibility of the election.

She made reference to a press statement by the IEBC Chairman where he indicated that he could not guarantee a free and fair election.

In the filed responses at the Supreme Court, Chebukati stated that the election was free, fair and credible.

However, Supreme Court judge Jacktone Ojwang' asked Soweto to clarify the veracity of her evidence given that the court relies more on what has been sworn as opposed to statements made in public.

Soweto, however, went on stating that it did not matter Chebukati’s sworn evidence since he had already stated that he could not guarantee a credible election.

At this point, Justice Lenaola interrupted Soweto with a surprise statement, “he (Chebukati) is a chameleon. How does that lead us to the validity of the election? Take us there and save on time”.

The petitioner’s lawyer then quoted a statement by former IEBC  commissioner Roselyn Akombe, regarding the lack of a firm position by Chebukati.

Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu was less light-noted and coldly asked, “So What?”.

Unlike the August petition, the Supreme Court judges have on a number of occasions interrupted petitioners, who appeared to be struggling to make their case.


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