Why did you carry cameras to help the poor pay their bills? Sakaja on the spot

The Senator posted photos with Dusit attack survivor

Senator Johnson Sakaja with Dusit attack survivor Emmanuel Omala (Twitter)

Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja has been put on the spot following a post showcasing how he came to the aid of Dusit attack survivor Emmanuel Omala.

Author Odumbe Kute called out the vocal politician for the publicized photos questioning the motive behind the act.

"Dear Johnson Sakaja. It is not your job as a senator to dip your hand in your pocket and pay medical bills for individual Kenyans and then wax lyrical about it and tell us how awesome you are.

"What you did was just perpetuate the regressive patronage-clientelism system of oppressive politics that ensures the masses remain in financial and social poverty and beholden to you as a politician as if they owed you their existence," Kute wrote in an open letter to the Senator.

Sakaja responds to attacks after paying Emmanuel Omala's bill

Sakaja's critic shared the response the Senator issued after the open letter.

"I’ve done a lot. Including sponsoring and passing the Disaster Management Bill at the Senate which seeks to deal with such situations.

"However, when I see need where I can assist, I will not tell the person to wait for a bill or motion, I will continue to help as a human. Unapologetically," the Senator responded.

Kute continued with his onslaught saying: "Then why Sonkonize the incident, carry the cameras and thump your chest about helping when you know the political edge such actions will have. Thousands of Kenyans wana tenda wema and move right along without politicizing the issue."

The critic further noted that Sakaja had not responded to the query.


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