Shock for MPs and Senators with more than one wife

The legislators are set for a major surprise in the new parliament.

Under the new Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) medical scheme, the MPs and Senators who are set to be sworn in on Thursday are entitled to only a maximum of five dependants.

According to The Standard, the new scheme for the legislators can only cover one spouse and up to four children below the age of 25 years.

The introduction of the clause on a single spouse is part of the SRC plan to save the taxpayers millions of shillings and cut down on the ballooning wage bill for the legislators.

The new move has not gone down well with some of the legislators.

Budalangi MP-elect Raphael Wanjala who has more than one wife has harshly criticised the new rule and expressed his disappointment.

"What will some of us with more than one wife do? It is unfair of Parliament to cater for one spouse in the medical insurance for MPs. It should have remained as it was in the past, when we were allowed to give the details of two wives and five children," Wanjala complained.

However, the defiant MP still went ahead and filled the names of his two wives and his children in the medical form.

MPs John Waluke (Sirisia) and Fred Kapondi (Mt Elgon) echoed Wanjala’s sentiments saying the new directive could potentially lead to the break-up of families.

"It is not fair to have a medical insurance scheme that covers only one spouse when it is a known fact that most legislators are polygamous. This is tantamount to breaking up families," said Waluke.

Kapondi lamented that the rule will be tough for the legislators especially the first-timers.

"Family is the fundamental unit of society. It is not only discriminatory but unlawful to discriminate against some family members,” Kapondi added.

According to Senate Clerk Jeremiah Nyegenye, MPs and senators are entitled to benefits of Sh10 million per family per year for in-patient services, Sh300,000 for outpatient and Sh150,000 for maternity care per family.


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