Mutahi Ngunyi reveals new mistake that may nullify Uhuru’s election

The petitions challenging Uhuru's win will start this week.

The political analyst opined that the Jubilee team lost the August 8 election because they had retreated “to sleep” after the IEBC handed them victory.

Ngunyi added that since President Kenyatta won the October 26 election, the Jubilee strategic team had repeated the same mistake of “going back to sleep”.

“After the August victory, Jubilee went to sleep. They were woken up by the Maraga shock. They seem to be repeating the same sleeping sickness. Yet Maraga who led the August coup could orchestrate a second coup on November 20.

“If the October election is nullified, the country will snap and that’s why Uhuru should do everything possible to ensure nullification does not happen,” Ngunyi stated.

The political scientist, famous for the tyranny of numbers prediction, further stated that the current constitution had proven to be defective and in need of amendment.

He called on President Kenyatta to ensure major constitutional changes as part of his legacy.

“Our constitution is patch work of constitutional jokes. It is a cut and paste document that reads like a first year essay. The man who changes the constitution is the man who heals country and Uhuru should do this as part of his legacy,” the professor of political economy opined.


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