A maasai grandmother and other details you didn’t know about Uhuru’s family

The President's family historylike never told before.

After renaming her Wanjiru, the two had a child named Muigai who grew up to father Kenya’s first President Kamau wa Ngengi (to be later called Jomo Kenyatta), his first born brother Kung’u Muigai and the last born, James Ngengi.

Kamau wa Ngengi (Jomo Kenyatta) who was born southwest of Mount Kenya in the East African highlands, was one of the earliest Kenyan children to explore the British. He ran away from home to become a resident pupil at the mission. He studied the Bible, English, mathematics, and carpentry and paid his fees by working as a houseboy and cook for a European settler.

It was during the First world war that his grandmother Musana, advised him to go and hide in Narok so avoid being recruited into the British army like his elder brother Kung’u who never came back from battle.

It is said that Kamau opened a shop and took refuge in Naarosura, Narok for five years where he learnt to speak fluent Maasai. He went back to Gatundu with a priced possession that he kept with him until he became the president.

His prized possession was a beaded belt that he dearly loved, in Gikuyu it was called 'Inyatta'. That is the where he got his popular name, Kenyatta.

Kenyatta had four wives, the first three bore him four children, Peter Muigai, Margaret Kenyatta, Peter Magana and Jane Wambui.

His fourth and last wife who became Kenya’s first last lady, Ngina Kenyatta (Nee Muhoho) bore him four children, among them the current President of Kenya, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta (1961) and Christine Wambui (born 1952), Nyokabi Muthama née (1963) and Muhoho Kenyatta (born 1964).

Peter Muigai and Margaret Kenyatta passed on and were succeeded by the six, Peter Magana lives in London after he retired as a BBC producer and the rest are in the country. Muhoho Kenyatta runs most of the family businesses including CBA Bank and Brookside Ltd.

Uhuru Kenyatta married one lovely Margaret Wanjiru Gakuo who is now the first last of Kenya for the second tenement.

Margaret is daughter to German beauty Magdalenna Gakuo and Njuguna Gakuo and sister to Maina Gakuo.

The current first family is made up of Uhuru Kenyatta, Margaret Kenyatta and their three children, Ngina, Jomo and Jaba Kenyatta. Jomo had a traditional wedding last year.


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