Investigative report accuses Gideon Moi of minting millions from war-torn South Sudan

The bloodshed and the billions in South Sudan: Gideon Moi thrown into the mix

File image of President Salva Kiir with Senator Gideon Moi and Mzee Moi in May when the South Sudan President visited mzee Moi in Kabarak

Baringo Senator Gideon Moi has been named as one of the powerful international businessmen and multinational companies who are minting billions from war-torn South Sudan.

According to a newly-released titled “The Taking of South Sudan” which was prepared by the Sentry, a non-profit investigative team, Moi has vast business interests South Sudan and is among those profiting from the world's youngest country that has witnessed decades of bloodshed.

The 64 page report alleges that Senator Moi has a stake in a South Sudan-registered firm Lukiza Ltd, which formed a joint venture called Caltec Corporation with Conex Energy, a company allegedly controlled by President Kiir’s daughter Adut.

The report reveals that President Salva Kiir and his family has stakes in banks, foreign exchange bureaus, airlines, oil companies, logistics firms, private security companies among others, mainly through partnerships such as the one with Gideon Moi with investors from across the globe.

“Gideon Moi, an influential senator who is the son of former Kenyan President Daniel arap Moi, has a partial ownership stake in Lukiza.” Reads part of the report.

The report details how arms are allegedly procured from foreign companies through First Monetary Security Limited, a Kenyan company, before being smuggled into the war-torn country to cause bloodshed and sustain the war that has been raging for decades.

The multibillion criminal enterprise is an intricate web bringing on board Kiir’s family, General Paul Malong, the dreaded former chief of general staff of South Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Army (SPLA) and assocoiates. 

Moi responds to damning allegations

When Nation contacted the senator to come clean on the damning allegations, Moi dismissed the report as a “work of fantasy and fiction”.

“All those allegations are nothing but pure lies,” Moi responded.

I am not a shareholder of the company and I have never and I am not profiting from the proceeds of war as alleged in the fictitious report.

“I have neither received any single cent from the government of South Sudan nor am I doing any business with the South Sudan government. My lawyers are already in the process of instituting legal proceedings against The Sentry and its authors,” he clarified.

Ironically, it is Gideon’s father Daniel Arap Moi who played an integral role in mediating the South Sudan peace process and has maintained close contacts with the country’s leaders since then.

Following the death of Jonathan Moi in May, President Kiir visited Mzee Moi at his home in Kabarak to condole with the family.

A statement from the office of the former president revealed that the two leaders also talked about peace initiatives in the troubled South Sudan.


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