Grandmother of Pupil Crushed to Death Reveals Disturbing Details

Grandmother narrates a heart moving account of what transpired before the little boy's tragic death

The little boy was a kindergarten pupil at  St Augustine’s Preparatory School and was riding on the school bus when it hit a bump leading to the collapse of the vehicle's base.

His seat caved in and the back wheel of the bus ran over him dying on the spot.

The grandmother of the boy recounted that the deceased was very excited to go to school as it was the closing day ceremony.

She divulged that the six-year-old had carried enough snacks for the event, he ended up not attending.

According to the grandmother, she was skeptical about the boy and her standard two sister going to school but they insisted.

She then obligated the little girl to take care of her brother.

“I had some strange instincts, something was telling he shouldn’t go very early since they were going to close. I followed him to the gate and told him to use the same bus coming home at 12 pm. I instructed his sister not to leave his brother alone,” she narrated.

The devastated granny highlighted that she has been taking care of the two children since their mother went abroad to work last year.

“I have been taking care of the boy and his sister ever since they were born. I became their mother and father after my daughter, who is their mother, went to work abroad a year ago,” she added.

The late boy was eagerly wanting to meet his mother who is set to come to the country in the next one month.The grandmother said she is scared to disclose the death of the boy to the mother.

“He normally uses his uncle’s laptop to Skype with his mother. When we texted the mother, she said in a month’s time she will be home.

"She asked about her children’s welfare and I told her they were all fine. How do I start telling her son is no more?” she was quoted by the Nation as saying.


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