Jaguar takes action over Sh38 million bursary woes

Jaguar issues warning over bursary

Starehe MP Charles Njagua, popularly known as Jaguar

Starehe MP Charkes Njagua mostly known as Jaguar on Monday ordered the repeat of the issuance of the Sh38 million bursary.

Jaguar gave the order after the exercise was disrupted with malpractice following complaints lodged by residents.

The Starehe MP personally supervised the giving of the bursaries in Landimawe and Nairobi South.

“Mtu hawezi amka saa kumi usiku na mwingine aamke saa tatu asubuhi halafu arukishwe laini juu eti anajuana na Jaguar. Kila mtu arauke na forms zipatianwe on first come basis. (Someone can’t wake up at 4am while another at 9am and come and just jump the que because he knows Jaguar. Everyone should wake up early and the forms be given on a first come basis,” remarked Jaguar.

Lazy students warned over scholarships

In January, Lamu County government had warned under-performing students that it would stop funding them.

The County government Finance Chairman Shela Ward MCA Azhar Mbarak, had pointed out that the students who scored poorly after getting the funds would receive less money or lose the entire sponsorship.

According to the MCA, Sh127 million had been allocated for the bursaries for all the students.


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