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Millie Odhiambo sets social media on fire with a nasty response to Sonko's "Millie tunajua unafanywa” remarks

I have said before publicly that I love sex and I have sex. Why should it be your headache who I have it with, how I have it or how often I have it- Millie Odhiambo fires back

Suba North MP Millie Odhiambo

Fiery Suba North MP Millie Odhiambo has come out guns blazing, issuing a nasty response to Sonko’s “Millie tunajua unafanyua” remarks that the Governor made on Sunday morning.

Millie took to Facebook to give a straight forward answer, admitting to the governor’s claims.

“You said history never forgets so let me remind you that I have said before publicly that I love sex and I have sex.” Millie wrote.

The legislator wondered why Sonko would be concerned with how frequently she engages in the act or who she does it with to the level of taking such matters to the social media in an explosive post.


“Why should it be your headache who I have it with, how I have it or how often I have it. Such a knowledge my brother, can not help us deal with the cancer menace or joblessness in Kenya.” She added.

In a bare-knuckle tackle, Millie took a swipe at Sonko’s behavior and questioned his support of women, alleging that the governor may have “a coma or a fullstop where it matters”.

“What I also know- men who are overly obsessed with demeaning women sexually, have either a coma or a fullstop where it matters. Real men have BOLDED EXCLAMATION MARKS in support of women.” 

In her two-pronged response, Millie also asserted that her record in passing laws that protect all children including children who are like Ken Okoth's son is well documented in the Hansard.


She made it clear that unlike Sonko who prefers cheap publicity and addressing issues in a controversial manner, she takes it to the floor of the house and contributes in laws that benefit women, children and the society at large.

The lawmaker also revealed that unlike Sonko who engages in drama, she actually funds children and women rights organizations and initiatives.

In her right of reply, the MP dared Sonko to unleash his team of bloggers, stating that she is a one-woman army and ready to square it out with the governor who is not new to controversy.

“Send your senji type bloggers I deal with one by one. I am a one woman army” Millie concluded.


Sonko set the internet ablaze with a post in which he condemned the habit of elected leaders having extramarital affairs with young ladies and disappearing after getting them pregnant must be stopped, calling on male leaders to use protection if they are not ready to have children with their ‘mpango wa kandos’

He went on to give his contacts calling on women who have been impregnated by politicians, civil servants and business men to send their details so that they can be exposed.


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