Viral CCTV clip of female guard being assaulted causes uproar

This comes just days after a female Eastmatt teller was similarly assaulted

Viral CCTV clip of female guard being assaulted at Komarock Phase 5A causes uproar

Kenyans have once again voiced their disgust at a viral clip where a female security guard was assaulted by a civilian.

In the clip, the civilian appeared to be the driver of a mini-van that was parked in front of a gate which has since been confirmed as the entry to a gated community in Nairobi's Eastlands area, known as Komarock Estate Phase 5A.

The two seemed to have disagreed over the opening of the main gate where the security guard appeared to be insisting that the van could not be allowed to drive into the estate.

The driver is seen immediately pouncing on her with slaps before passengers alighted from the van and intervened.

The clip has caused uproar online as observers condemned the driver's behaviour calling for his immediate arrest.

Haki na Ukweli NGO Movement suggested: "A new law should be introduced in Kenya immediately to protect women in Kenya, if any Kenyan man beats or assaults any Kenyan woman then the man should be jailed for 3 - 6 months in prison with civic education."

Another commentator, Amedo Shair posted: "Motorist Caught on CCTV assaulting a female security guard at Komarock phase 5A. Our women should be treated with respect. @DCI_Kenya @NPSOfficial_KE Arrest this idiot now !"

The official DCI Twitter handle on Tuesday morning responded: "Detectives are already narrowing down on the perpetrator. Meanwhile, the lady security officer has been called upon to make a formal report in pursuit of justice. We greatly condemn such violence against anyone in the course of their duty."

Eastmatt teller assaulted by colleague

A similar incident occurred last week at Eastmatt Supermarket, Kajiado outlet where a female teller was assaulted by a man who has since been identified as her colleague Ahmed Keruti Taraiya.

Ahmed was arrested over the weekend and was presented in court on Monday where he denied any wrongdoing despite the CCTV footage that captured him assaulting Ms Sarah Atieno.

The suspect has since been detained for 11 days as the DPP builds a case against him, he is said to have attempted to escape into Tanzania before he was arrested.


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