Her eyes, ears & nose were missing- court told about woman's grisly murder

Missing body parts

Her eyes, ears, and nose were missing- court told about woman's grisly murder

Police and witnesses have narrated to the court how Ms Ruth Khacheya Ngaira was found murdered.

Albert Muchorwa, a witness in the murder, told the court that his neighbour, Francis Lusava Muhitsi had asked him to help carry firewood in a gunny bag on his bodaboda.

According to Muchorwa, he agreed and loaded the firewood and headed for Kaimosi, Vihiga Sub-County.

As they were on their way, Muchorwa claimed that Lusava asked him to stop near a bush where he alighted with his load and paid the boda boda rider his money.

Eyes gouged out

In the morning, the news had spread that the mutilated body had been found. The corpse was that of Ms Khacheya.

Muchorwa returned to the scene and found the firewood at the same spot with a body whose nose, lips and ears had been chopped off. The eyes were gouged out.

The family of Khacheya told the court that their daughter had come back home after Lusava had beat her and threatened to kill her.

Her mother urged her not to return to Lusava for fear that her life would be greatly in danger.

Khacheya had been cohabiting with Lusava.

Blood-stained axe

After living with her parents home for sometime, Khacheya told her mother that she would visit a friend at a nearby village but would return in the evening, but she never did.'

A week later, Khacheya's father Micah Ngaira was called by his son and informed of rumors there was a body which resembled that of his daughter.

I rushed to the scene and confirmed that indeed she was my daughter. She looked like she had been burnt with acid and her lips, ears and nose cut off. Her eyes had been gouged out," Ngaira said.

Lusava was arrested later that day where police recovered blood-stained axe, firewood while Ruth’s phone was discovered in his house.


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