Attempted coup foiled in Sudan

September 21st 2021, 10:20:30 am

The Sudanese Government is yet to issue a statement.

[FILE] Sudanese women march in Khartoum to mark International Day for Eliminating Violence against Women, in the first such rally held in the northeast African country in decades, on November 25, 2019. - Chanting "Freedom, peace, justice," the catchcry of the protest movement that led to autocrat Omar al-Bashir's ouster in April, the demonstrators took to the streets in the Burri district, a site of regular anti-Bashir protests earlier this year. (Photo by Ashraf SHAZLY / AFP) (Photo by ASHRAF SHAZLY/AFP via Getty Images)

Sudanese authorities have confirmed there was an attempted coup in Omdurman, the most populated city in Sudan and Khartoum State.

State television said that coup attempt was taking place in the country, calling on the citizens to confront it.

This came in urgent news broadcast by the state TV, without giving further details about the group behind the plot.

In a Facebook post, Sovereignty Council member Mohamed Al-Faki Suleiman called on the Sudanese people to confront the coup attempt and “rise up to defend the country and protect the democratic transition."

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In another post, Suleiman pointed out that "the situation was under control in the country," referring to the failure of the coup attempt.

Second coup attempt this month

The coup attempt comes only days after several reports emerged on social media on Saturday, September 11 that the military had thwarted a coup plot by a number of army officers.

In a statement, the army termed the reports about an alleged coup plot as “fabricated”, saying that those reports were fanned by certain parties, but without naming those parties.

The Sudanese army went on to reiterate its commitment to protect the country’s transition to democracy.

In April 2019, the Sudanese army ousted former President Omar Al-Bashir after mass protests against his three-decade rule.

A Sovereign Council was formed under an agreement between the Sudanese army and opposition leaders to lead the country for a 3-year transitional period.

More to follow.


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