Cheating wife and lover busted after screaming for help after banging till they get stuck together

A man and a married woman have been busted and shamed after their night of frolicking turned dramatic and the two got locked together.

The married woman and her lover had gone to the West Gauge lodging in Daraja Mbili market while her husband was away on business.

Their night of pleasure took a painful turn when they discovered they could not disengage as dawn approached. When their efforts bore no fruits and the whole incident turned painful the two resorted to calling for help screaming and shouting for someone to come to their aid.

Luckily for them they were not frog marched nor exposed to public. Good Samaritans took both in and wrapped them in blankets covering their faces. They were taken to a local traditional medicine man and later taken to an undisclosed location.

The locals said, the woman’s husband had gone to a local witch doctor and placed a curse on the woman to nab her philandering ways. Here is the video

The fact that they were not taken to the hospital explains the beliefs of people especially that such locking of the male and female organs is caused by witchcraft.

Medical personnel on the other hand explain that this is a rare physiological occurrence scientifically called penis captivus.

This situation sees the man’s male member locked down by vaginal muscles which clamp down hard on the penis during climax in rare extreme spasms of the vagina called vaginismus.

However, such incidents last 5- 10 minutes before the muscles relax in both male and female organs and the couple can free themselves. In the very extreme cases an anesthetic is used.


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