Is Evans' disappearance for his protection or freedom?

The question to be asked should be is Evans' disappearance going to be a permanent one or temporary?

Evans flanked by security operatives

The Sun news reported that the suspect was relocated to an unknown site, stirring up rumours of escape which is hardly uncommon for high profile criminals.

It is feared that Evans, whose kidnapping activities helped him amass great wealth might be able to use his resources to negotiate his freedom.

Yes! The use of bribery for such bid to materialize is not out of the question or being ruled out as a possibility.

The story of another notorious kidnapper, Henry Chibueze a.k.a Vampire, now deceased, brings to recall an instance of meddling by service men who aided the escape of criminals.

Chukwuma Agim, who was attached to the Nigeria Prisons Service, Owerri, Imo State, helped the dead criminal in his plans to escape from prison in February 2016.

Though the police have stated that the removal of Evans, who is feared and respected by other criminals from his Lagos cell is to guard against raising up a gang like Vampire's, the reverse might just be the case.

A police officer who spoke to The Sun News said, “Within the short period that he spent in our cell, he is already controlling inmates in the cell.

"They fear and respect him; we do not want to run the risk of allowing him to form another notorious group which is common amongst them."

But this is not a debate concerning the credibility of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF).

Popular opinion and even history is enough testimony that a flash of substantial cash can earn you your heart desire with NPF officers in most cases, so it will be a wasted effort to bother touching on that.

The concern for security conscious Nigerians, particularly the families of victims that have been dealt with by Evans is that will this man be brought to justice?

Another issue for me personally is the way some police officers commended the kidnap kingpin for his cooperation, almost as if they were idolizing him.

Is he 2Face Idibia or something? Why should Evans' show of remorse suggest sympathy from the police?

We are talking about a man who brought torture to quite a number of people.

Who, if not for his arrest, might still be engaging in his illicit activities of wreaking havoc and fear in the minds of the populace.

Whether he is taken to the abyss of the earth for his protection, the important thing is that Chukwuduneme Onwuamadike be made to serve time in a prison for his crimes.

Just like his peers. Period!


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