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Chinese nationals arrested for mistreating Kenyans a City restaurant

A Chinese couple have been arrested following complaints by staff at a city restaurant that they were being assaulted while working for them.


The workers allege that the Chinese nationals, who own the Hang Di Yuan restaurant in Hurlingham, have repeatedly been abusing them physically.

They claim that they are denied food despite the fact that they work at a restaurant.

They workers also said that they are denied medical care in the case that they fall sick.

One of the employees who had her hair plucked out by one of the Chinese nationals, finally decided to report the matter at the Kilimani Police Station over the weekend.


Police responded to her distress call and proceeded to Hurlingham where they had a hard time with the Chinese woman who tried to resist arrest by refusing to be led out of the restaurant.

The couple were eventually arrested and spent the night at the Kilimani Police Station and are expected to be charged in court on Monday, October 31, 2016.

Last year, there was a public uproar from Kenyans after several journalists were barred from entering a Chinese restaurant in Kilimani which disallowed the “admission” of Africans admission after 5pm.

The Restaurant’s Managing Director later said that they had a policy that only allows residents to be accommodated at the hotel after 5pm as a security measure prompted after a recent robbery incident at the facility.


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