Having friends that dont drink alcohol is important when it comes to all matters partying.

In fact, our non-drinking friends don't get enough recognition and the appreciation they deserve. When we go out, sometimes, things get out of hand, after all, alcohol interferes with one's judgement. One minute you're sober and the next you're kissing anything that passes by.

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Nowadays, there are many people out there with bad intentions. Rape cases have become rampant and we can't also ignore the increasing number of missing persons so when when you go out on a night of debauchery, you need to be careful, even more so, the reason to party with non-drinking friends cause they can save you from making very bad decisions. Here are benefits of having non-drinker friends:

1. You will watch your drinking when you're with them.

2. They will tell you when it's time to put the bottle down.

If your non-drinker friend is a good friend, they will stop you from getting white girl smashed.

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3. They will stop you from making bad decisions that you will regret in the morning,

Like going home with that David Beckham look alike, who in real life is just a 4/10 dude.

4. If you get super drunk, they will make sure that you get home safe, well most of the time, they do!

5. They will help you out if you get into a bar brawl. We can't fight when drunk so, our sober friends should be happy to give the upper cuts on our behalf ama namna gani?

6. They can watch our bags when we go dance a little bit and maybe make a small bad decision, like kiss that David Beckham I mentioned in point number 3.

7. Thankfully, we will not lose our phones as someone is watching them for us.

8. You don't have to spend so much buying a round since your friend is not drinking alcoholic beverages so you can actually treat them all night for the trouble you will probably give them later.

9. You don't have to remember anything the next day since they will be your memory and tell you everything that happened when you were silly drunk.

10. Most importantly, they will check you and give you a serious talk on how you should watch your drinking and be careful since they will not always be there to watch your drunk ass.

But we both know that the cycle will repeat itself every other weekend cause? Life is short.

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