Raila Accuses Uhuru of Using "Too Much Alcohol and Bhang"

NASA leader Raila Odinga has fired some sensational and direct insults to President Uhuru...

Over the weekend, NASA leader Raila Odinga fired some sensational and direct insults to President Uhuru Kenyatta while addressing a political rally in Busia.

In a rather uncharacteristic attack, Odinga alleged that President Kenyatta was abusing drugs including alcohol and bhang that had made the Jubilee leader supposedly lose his cool and threaten the Supreme Court judges.

“Maraga alitupilia mbali ushindi wa Uhuru. Uhuru aliposikia hivo akashikwa na hasira na kuruka ruka, akaenda akakunywa pombe mingi sana…alafu akaongeza bangi macho yake ikawa nyekundu kama shati yake, (Maraga nullified Uhuru’s win. When Uhuru heard that he got angry and started jumping up and down, he went and drunk too much alcohol and then mixed it with bhang. His eyes became as red as his shirt),”

Ndio akaanza kuruka ruka, akakemea Maraga akawaita wakora…mumeiba ushindi wangu, mtakiona, mtaona cha mtema kuni. Wakenya ndio wako na hasira na Uhuru na tunataka tumfunze adabu,”(That’s why he started jumping up and down attacking Maraga…You have stolen my win, you will see, I will teach you a lesson. Kenyans are the ones who are angry and we want to discipline),” Odinga said in part of his speech.

The speech by the former Prime Minister marked the first time that Odinga had made a direct personal attack on the head of state.

While the talk of bhang and alcohol has been made before, Odinga has previously made it without mentioning Kenyatta’s name which suggests that the political competition between the two rivals will be bare-knuckled in the coming days.

Here is the full video, (the words mentioned in this story appear at 10.00)


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