The relationship between a Fisi and a Sponsor

They start out in the team mafisi group and then graduate to........

People have even started making money through creating dating sites for older men and women  to connect with young girls and boys.

The sponsors prey on young people especially those in Campus who are broke and are desperate to keep up with the current fashion trends.

As a result the rate of infidelity in marriages has spiked and therefore divorces are on the rise.

However when you check the history of these sponsors you will notice that they were members of team mafisi and fisilets.

Mafisi and fisilets are a bunch of sexually hungry folks majorly based in Campus who sleep with almost everyone due to their high libido.

They lose their virginity in campus and develop an insatiable taste for sex even with strangers.

These chaps mock and intimidate virgins, making fun of them while calling them old fashioned. They do not know how to stick with one lover. They cheat even while they are dating.

Therefore it is very hard to be faithful to a lawfully wedded spouse because they never trained for it.

One man said, you cannot prepare for a relationship of faithfulness and commitment by practising unfaithfulness and hopping from a relationship to the next.

While they were young they encouraged themselves that You Only Live Once (Y.O.L.O) and that you better enjoy yourself before you grow old.

Well, even after tying the knot and starting a family, marriage does not seem to solve the lust problem.

The past starts haunting them and they are forced to submit to their animal desires.

However they are now older and not as strong as they used to be when they were still in their youth.

They therefore decide to lure young people who are fresh and strong. These young people - some naive - are desperate to make their dreams come true.

The sponsors flash these students with loads of cash, shopping and the latest clothes in exchange for sexual favours.

That is their metamorphosis. Fisi to Sponsoree.

Thereafter the process repeats itself over and over and more sponsors are made. Looking at yourself now, are you a sponsor?


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