Football Unites! What we can learn from the Borussia Dortmund bus attack

A number of hash tags were up on twitter in solidarity with the bus attack with the aim of caring for a brother.

BVB signature of Love

An explosion hit the Dortmund bus injuring one of the players just before the team was due to play one of the big Champions League quarter-final first-leg ties.

Football officials quickly canceled the game, which was due to take place in Dortmund, western Germany and rescheduled for April 12, 2017.

This scenario triggered reactions from social media users. There were those who were pointing fingers while others offered to help those affected by the attack.

The hash tag #Bedforawayfans took over Twitter to offer a helping hand to Monaco fans who had traveled to watch the game.

Borussia Dortmund in solidarity with their fans accommodated away fans immediately after the attack as the transport system had been paralyzed in the country.

These acts send away one of the strongest message ever in the football family showing how football fanatics can be united for one another during difficult times.

Football is not just a game, its life. I strongly agree with this statement that was being put across by Dortmund fans who were in solidarity with Monaco fans.

If you are a football fan like in I am you will agree that this was one of the best things ever seen in the soccer world. Soccer is not just about scoring goals but offering a shoulder for a brother when the time calls.

Probably words can’t describe how football is but through the act put out by the Dortmund fans I can only nod my head and say live long football.

Am trying to connect the same story that happened in Borussia Dortmund and back here in Kenya, but the dots are refusing to join.

Take for example if the attack happened in one of our Stadiums here in Kenya (God Forbid). Could a hash tag like #Bedforawayfans blazed up twitter or KOT (Kenyans On Twitter) will still tweet about things that can’t add value to the situation.

Maybe a hash tag like #KitandakwaWageni could do us justice and try to help those affected by the attack (If there is one).

However, the big question in our country is not all about the hash tag going viral on Twitter and seeing victims are given a helping hand, but the whole affair will rotate on trust.

Trust among Kenyans especially Nairobian's is a thing that when put on a weighing machine the stick will always fall back.

You ask a Nairobian about directions on the street, he/she takes a few minutes before giving you a response. He has to make sure that he has phone or handbag is positioned safely before asking you, what were you saying?

This can give a blueprint of what can happen if the same scenario could befall out stadiums.

The #Bedforawayfans should be a lesson to football fans who need to change their ways and allow some humanity to find a way into to their soul.

Once in a while hooliganism's rock our stadiums, and just because you are not supporting my team, the opponents will tend to pin you down. When a tear gas is thrown rest assured that your opponent won’t share a bottle of water even if he has ten in his hand.

This shows the level of selfishness and disunity that local fans have across our continent.

"Thanks to all the fans in and around Dortmund for making #bedforawayfans possible last night! #bvbasm " tweeted the official Dortmund handle.

But in Kenya Kenyans could be like, Ule Jamaa nilihost jana alienda na TV yangu (The Guy I hosted yesternight disappeared with my TV).

Football is not a just a game, its life.


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